Clare’s Nutrition Story


My passion for great nutrition

I’m an experienced, highly qualified, nutritionist, nutritional therapist and dietician and a passionate foodie! I love to study about all aspects of nutrition and how it affects the human body so I have specialised in several different areas of nutrition and nutritional therapy so I can work with a wide variety of people from 6 months old to 97 years old so far! In fact I have also qualified in small animal nutrition so I’m able to help pets as well as their owners achieve a healthy balanced diet and an active, stress free lifestyle!

When people ask me why optimum nutrition and healthy living are so important to me personally, there is a short and a long answer.

The short answer

I love food and always have done. I’m a real ‘foodie’ and appreciate the quality of the food I eat, how it is produced and where it comes from. I try to eat as much fresh, locally sourced, organic food as I can. I enjoy eating a Mediterranean diet and following a healthy, active lifestyle. I see eating out with friends as a great social opportunity not to be rushed.

I am blessed to have more free time than most due to the flexible nature of my profession working in the field of nutrition, which gives me the opportunity to visit restaurants boasting exotic cuisine as well as traditional British fayre to sample their menus.

The long answer

Cancer – it disrupted my life but did not end it! I was diagnosed with cancer in spring 2012, which rocked my world. I was a single parent with two children aged only 15 and 19 at the time so my thoughts went straight to the usual. Who will look after my children if something happens to me? How will they cope without me?

Due to the size and position of the tumours, an operation to remove them was out of the question. This left me with one remaining option – an experimental chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment programme run by The Royal Marsden hospital in London.

Whilst I was waiting for the treatment to begin and for the oncologists to decide exactly what they were going to put my body through, I took my mind off everything by researching the best nutrition and exercises that I could follow during and after treatment. I was lucky that through my previous teaching profession I already had an extensive knowledge of nutrition. My love and passion for food and a healthy lifestyle led me to a greater understanding of how food could heal my body which I found absolutely fascinating!!

Positive Mental Attitude

Eventually my treatment began and after six months of gruelling external and internal radiotherapy (brachytherapy) and chemotherapy treatment and 2 procedures, the tumours shrank slightly, but they didn’t disappear.

I stayed positive. I exercised every day, sometimes Yoga or Pilates, sometimes just stretching, depending on my energy levels. I practiced mindfulness and meditation but most importantly, I followed a really healthy flexitarian diet with optimum nutrition and healthy eating as my keys. I included plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and vegetable protein and incorporated top quality, natural plant based food supplements into my daily diet.

I began to notice that following this super healthy lifestyle helped to alleviate my symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, nausea, pain and inflammation, which are so typical during and after cancer treatment.

I returned to the hospital three months later for a scan and was overjoyed and delighted to learn that my tumours had disappeared completely. I could not believe my luck as sadly many from the original experimental treatment group did not survive.

I strongly believe that my positive mindset and determination, alongside eating a wide range of fresh, healthy foods, eliminating any processed foods, artificial colourings or food additives from my diet has been the central key to my recovery and healthy life. I feel very grateful and blessed as 6 years on there are only 29 ladies left from the original 250 in our group who started the treatment at the same time as me. To date the longest anyone has lived so far after the same treatment is 8 years.

My Life Today

I enjoy cooking all my meals from scratch and use fresh, organic, local produce wherever possible. I enjoy a varied and balanced diet, eating nutrient packed meals with lots of vegetables and I eat meat and fish once a week, but as a flexitarian I also have several days a week when I follow a purely plant-based diet. I still take a wide range of high quality, plant based supplements to give me the nutrients I require in my diet as I still suffer from several side effects from my cancer treatment including arthritis and pelvic radiation disease. I am genuinely blessed and incredibly grateful to be alive and well! I enjoy every day of my new life and live it to the max!

Career Change

Following my recovery, I wanted to help others. Due to the research I undertook and the knowledge I gained about food and nutrition, I retrained as a specialised nutritionist and nutritional therapist. I am now fully qualified to work with a full range of clients including children (from 6 months old) through to the elderly. My oldest client so far is 97 years old!! For more information on booking a one to one nutrition consultation click here

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I started my career as a primary school teacher before moving into secondary school where I taught Modern Languages and Food Technology and Life Skills. My experiences and fluent language skills then led me into a role as a university lecturer teaching English and Spanish. I retrained as a nutritionist and nutritional therapist after I was diagnosed with cancer and have specialisms in various areas of  Human and Nutrition and Dietetics.



My Qualifications Include:

  • Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
  • Advanced Diploma in Child Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma in Sports Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma in Weight Loss Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Diabetes Prevention Through Healthy Diet & Lifestyle
  • Advanced Diploma in Specialised Diets for Cancer Patients
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutrition for Auto Immune Conditions
  • Advanced Diploma in Specialised Diets for Eating Disorders
  • Advanced Diploma in Small Animal Nutrition & Animal Weight Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Chinese Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma in Ayervedic Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma in Fermented Foods
  • MSc in Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  • BA (hons) QTS in MFL & Food Technology
  • Qualified Chef
  • Advanced Food Hygiene & Food Preparation Certificate
  • CIPD Qualified Corporate Trainer
  • MA in Education & Training
  • I am a qualified counsellor for people with eating disorders and also have an NCT qualification to counsel women after miscarriage.

I speak fluent Spanish and I am a qualified Spanish interpreter and translator.