Weight Loss Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

Here are some weight loss testimonials from our clients who have successfully lost weight and are now fitter, happier and healthier! At the Healthy Body Happy Mind Project we work with a wide range of clients from all walks of life ranging from 6 months old to 97 years old so far! We help our clients with weight loss, improving their diet to alleviate the symptoms and side effects of a wide variety of conditions including arthritis, digestive and gut disorders such as IBS, IBD and ulcerative colitis.

Our aim is to find the right healthy diet and fitness programme to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. Using our expertise we give you guidance and support every step of the way to help you feel healthier, happier and enjoy a more active and relaxed lifestyle which will help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce inflammation, achieve a deeper and more regular sleep pattern and improve your memory and clarity of thought.


This is a weight loss testimonial for Clare and the team at the Healthy Body Happy Mind Project. With Clare’s help over the last year I have improved my knowledge of healthy eating and nutrition and by following her simple meal plans I’ve managed to lose 6 stone in weight and I’ve lowered my blood pressure and reduced my cholesterol levels. I’m no longer type 2 diabetic or pre diabetic and don’t take any medication any more. I’m much more active and I’m running the Brighton marathon next year! My wife Jane has also lost 3 stone and is enjoying cooking the healthy meals from the recipe packs which Clare has prepared specially for us. We started off with a detailed 2 hour one to one consultation with Clare. We then decided to sign up for the 30 Day Kickstart Challenge which Clare runs every month. We loved the challenge so much we moved over to the Nutrition For Life healthy living programme 11 months ago and we haven’t looked back since. We get all the guidance we need and track our weight, measurements and exercise weekly so we know exactly how we much progress we are making and how active we are!

Mike, 45 years old & Jane, 41, Brighton

Weight loss testimonial from Jeanette. With Clare’s help I have lost 4 stone in weight, cured my sugar addiction and now eat much more healthily. I’ve got so much more energy now and sleep much better. I’ve kept the weight off for 3 years and counting. Apart from eating a balanced diet with lots of veggies and fruit, I’m much more active now and go cycling every day and swim twice a week too.

Jeanette, 52, Worthing. February 2018

Clare has helped me to eat in a more logical and consistent way which has helped me to quit my junk food and sugar addiction and lose weight too – Nearly 3 stone in 4 months so far and I’ve improved my mood considerably. I still have a long way to go but I know with Clare’s help I can achieve my healthy goals in less than a year!! I’m so much more active and no longer have headaches or achy joints. I love my special recipe book which Clare gave me and use the recipes a lot when I’m cooking. I don’t waste any food any more. Instead I eat balanced, tasty meals following the personalised meal plans Clare designed for me.

Sally, 33, Eastbourne. March 2018

Last year I needed to lose weight and get fitter in only 6 months as I had signed up to a charity trek with my husband. With Clare’s help and support I managed to lose the weight I wanted and hit my goal weight in only 5 months. Since then I have achieved so much more as I have lost more weight and now exercise 3 times a week and walk to and from work every day.

My lifestyle is so much healthier and I sleep so much better now. Gone are the sleepless nights and the stressful days after not sleeping properly! This year we have signed up to another charity challenge and I feel confident I will enjoy the trip and reach my target. Thank you to all the team at the Healthy Body Happy Mind Project for all your help in achieving my weight loss.

Tracy, 53, Littlehampton

Clare has helped me to plan my meals better and pack in loads of goodness as well as making lots of really delicious food to eat. I’m much more healthy now and have so much more energy. I’m sleeping much better too thanks to my new way of eating and doing more exercise every day. I don’t eat ready meals any more and drink loads of filtered water too. My joint pain and inflammation has gone down a lot too. Clare is very good at helping and inspiring people to live more healthily. She is her own healthy living and weight loss testimonial as she herself has lost over 20 kilos in weight and kept the weight off for 6 years plus!!

David, 75, Lewes, April 2018

Clare has given me back my creative inspiration with the Nutrition For Life healthy living programme which Clare and the team at the Healthy Body Happy Mind Project run. After years of suffering badly with severe arthritis and swollen joints, I can now play the piano again and play chess. My wife Rose and I follow the specially prepared healthy eating plan that Clare has given us with lots of easy to make recipes which are really tasty. We have both lost weight too. Nearly 2 stone for me and 3 stone for Rose. I exercise a little every day and drink loads of water. Clare has certainly brought the spring back into our step!! We thoroughly recommend Clare’s services! There is no better weight loss testimonial than seeing Clare in action with her clients and the consistent progress they are all making.

Brian, 93, and Rose 91, London