Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Workshop is a fun and interactive workshop where we start by giving you a brief history of chocolate and how chocolate truffles were invented. Next you will have time to get hands on have a go at making different kinds of truffles which you can decorate ready to take home with you at the end of the workshop. Chocolate heaven!
We will use high quality organic chocolate to make your truffles with a selection of added ingredients to add to the inside or the outside coating of your truffles. We use white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate bases and an organic raw chocolate with essential oils.
In our tasting session we will sample a variety of chocolate truffles and chocolate bark accompanied by a selection of teas, herbal teas and infusions, filter coffee, homemade hot chocolate and infused water.
You will take home with you a handbook with full instructions and recipes for making the chocolate truffles and chocolate barks as well as all your yummy chocolate truffles and chocolate barks!
If you have any food allergies or wish to use only vegan chocolate and ingredients to make your truffles and barks, please let me know in advance so I can organise all your ingredients for you to fit your individual requirements.

What else you should know

This workshop is great fun with lots of hands on practical experience making chocolate truffles and chocolate barks. You will have lots of guidance & support to make some tasty treats. No previous cooking experience needed.

What I’ll provide

Selection of chocolate truffles and raw chocolate barks. Fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. 3 chocolate fondues to dip fruit and your truffles in.
Cafetière coffee, herbal teas, hot chocolate, infused water 

What to bring

Please wear comfy clothes and shoes which are suitable for cooking in.