Fermented Foods Workshops

Come along to our fun, practical fermented foods workshop run by a highly experienced specialist nutritionist. Have a go at making different kinds of sauerkraut and kimchi which you can take home with you at the end of the workshop. You can experiment with different flavours and textures.

We will show you how to make a selection of sauerkrauts, kimchis, water kefir, milk kefir, coconut kefir, a variety of kombuchas, Jun tea and traditional ginger beer finishing off with Caspian Sea Matsoni yoghurt and coconut yoghurt. You will learn about the benefits of fermenting foods for yourself at home and eating them on a daily basis to improve your digestive system and create your own healthy microbiome. 


Taken on a regular basis fermented foods and drinks will help to:

  •       Boost your immune system
  •       Reduce inflammation and pain in your body
  •       Lift your mood
  •       Improve your concentration
  •       Improve digestion
  •       Reduce the risks of certain cancers
  •       Help balance your blood sugar levels
  •       Enhance brain function, especially for Alzheimer’s sufferers
  •       Improve nutrient absorption
  •       Ward off many other diseases

We will give you samples of some of the different fermented foods and a manual with detailed instructions on how to make them all at home and how to store them successfully. Along with recipes for incorporating fermented foods into your breakfasts, salads and other daily meals. You will be given water kefir grains, Caspian Sea Matsoni yoghurt, milk kefir grains, and a kombucha scoby to start your own fermented foods collection!

I’m a qualified holistic nutritionist and trained nutritional chef and I’m really passionate about making and eating really tasty and nutritious food for all my family and friends to try. I’ve been teaching people how to cook and eat healthily for over 30 years and love to make new things and experiment with flavours and textures. I run a whole range of workshops from cheese making, sourdough bread making, making protein bliss balls, making Christmas treats and learning to cook healthy vegetarian and plant based recipes.

Places on this workshop are limited so please book your place now to avoid disappointment. These workshops are run every weekend on either Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and other selected weekdays on request.

All the proceeds from the workshops we run at The Healthy Body Happy Mind Project go towards treatments for people recovering from cancer and chronic illnesses. We are unable to offer any refunds. We can book you onto another workshop on a different date or give you a workshop gift voucher valid for 12 months so you can rebook at your convenience.