In this hands on and fun sourdough bread making workshop you will learn how to get started making your own sourdough bread with confidence at home. After a quick introduction and top tips for sourdough baking we will start our practical baking session with:
– Weighing out the ingredients and working out the ratio of quantities of flour and water to use with our sourdough starter cultures
– How to make and maintain a sourdough “mother” culture at home
– Typical kneading and shaping styles used for sourdough baking
– Baking your own sourdough for the perfect shape and consistency
We use several different kinds of sourdough starters ranging from San Francisco sourdough, Alaskan sourdough, Rye sourdough and Colorado Rocky Mountain Brown sourdough.
After making your own sourdough starter culture to take home with you and baking your own bread, we will have a tasting session with:
– A selection of homemade sourdough breads
– Homemade chutneys & jams & homemade cheese
– Selection of teas, coffee & infused waters
You will take home with you:
– Your own sourdough handbook with full instructions as well as bread recipes and homemade jam and chutney recipes to try out at home.

What else you should know

No previous experience of cooking or baking is required. This class is really great fun. You knead, bake and taste freshly baked yummy sourdough bread! We can help you knead your dough if required!

What we’ll provide

Selection of homemade sourdough breads, homemade chutneys & jams and homemade cheeses. Vegan cheeses available on request. 
We will serve a selection of teas, herbal teas, filter coffee & infused waters throughout the workshop for you to try. 


What to bring

Comfy clothes and shoes