Vision Boarding & Goal Setting Workshops

Come and join us for a vision boarding workshop totally focused on you and learn how to make a vision board with a difference. We will guide you through visualising the life you have always dreamed of and setting attainable goals to help you achieve it. You will discover how to create your dreams for an incredible year ahead.

Now imagine spending time in a fun and relaxed atmosphere in comfortable surroundings, being supported and uplifted by like-minded positive people who are totally committed to living their best life possible and walking away with a gorgeous vision and perfect goals set for your life from this year onwards that will totally blow you away…

Does that sound good to you?

This is your personal invitation to be part of one of our incredible life-changing workshops. Most of us have fleeting ideas of what we would really like to be, do or have in our professional and personal lives. But they remain just that: fleeting glances of what we could become.

After all, who amongst us has got the time to intentionally manifest what we want to create for our future lives?

Create Your Vision Board

Creating a vision board is truly transformational as it shows you how to access your deeper wisdom to help you clarify what is happening in your life and what you really truly desire to happen. I myself have been making vision boards for fifteen years which has helped me to learn that this process is about so much more than just creating a collage on a board!

It’s about being really clear about what you really want in life and what is truly important to you. It is your future authentic life, realising what isn’t working for you and clearly connecting with yourself and making your dreams happen.

Use Your Creativity To Define Your Dreams

In our busy day to day lives we need to have the space to intentionally define our most important dreams. This process is one of the most powerful we can use to capture our own personal creativity to define our unique vision and create our ideal outcomes!

 Refreshments and snacks will be served throughout the workshop and you will be given handouts to fill in on the day and keep in a folder for future use and a vision board to work on during the workshop and then take home with you to use and add to as time goes on.

This vision boarding workshop includes the vision board, your folder with handouts to fill in and a gratitude journal to follow and all materials for you to take home along with refreshments and snacks during the workshop.