Scrambled eggs are so quick and easy to make and go really well with avocado and spinach. You can serve this dish on granary toast or rice cakes or oatcakes or put the scrambled eggs and spinach inside the avocado halves. It makes a filling dish for breakfast, brunch or as part of a main meal, or even as an afternoon snack. A firm favourite with children as you can serve it as fun avocado pirate boats. You can vary the vegetables you put in and adjust the amount of chilli flakes/fresh chilli you use according to taste. The main thing is to pre cook the vegetables you use so that when you add the eggs everything else is already cooked so the eggs won’t be overcooked. You can also add some grated cheese at the same time as the olives/at the end. Cheddar, mozzarella or goat’s cheese all work really well with scrambled eggs. If you prefer you can start with less ingredients and then experiment by adding extra ingredients till you find the right combination for you!


Scrambled Eggs With Avocado And Spinach – Ingredients


1 medium avocado, diced  

Handful of spinach leaves  

2 fresh tomatoes, diced

1/3 cucumber, diced 

6 chopped mushrooms  

½ red onion, diced  

½ red pepper, diced  

4 black or green olives, sliced  (My preference is for Spanish or Italian olives as they have a softer taste compared to Greek olives)

½ small fresh chilli, chopped  

6 organic free range eggs  

50g grated Cheddar cheese/mozzarella/goat’s cheese




Sauté the chilli, spinach, onions, mushrooms and peppers in some organic raw coconut oil/extra virgin olive oil. Chop the avocado and set aside. Pour the eggs on top of the sautéed vegetables and whisk. Cook slowly, stirring gently till the eggs are scrambled. Make sure you don’t overcook the eggs as the flavour will change. Add the olives and grated cheese and season with freshly ground pink Himalayan salt and freshly ground black pepper. Once the eggs are cooked, top with the crushed avocado and diced cucumber. You can also serve this inside the two avocado halves or on two slices of granary toast spread a layer of chopped avocado then put the scrambled egg and vegetable mixture.

Wherever possible use organic ingredients for this dish!